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April 4, 2022

Our Storage Unit Size Guide

Ready to rent self storage? There are a couple things to consider before you get started. Take inventory of the items you are looking to store (including how many boxes) to figure out what size storage unit you need to rent to fit everything comfortably. Storage Depot of Farmville has put together a storage unit size guide to help you find the right size storage unit in Farmville, VA, for the right price. Learn more about our nearby self storage facilities and what we offer!

Storage Depot of Farmville’s Storage Unit Size Guide

Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Unit

These storage units in the smallest category are about the size of a walk-in closet. They are perfect for smaller scale storing, such as decorations, tools, and seasonal items. Small storage units are cost efficient and offer you just enough space for the contents of a one-bedroom home. Keep in mind with the smallest storage units that you will have to measure large items, like mattresses, to assure the dimensions will fit. As you can see from the chart above, this size range typically can fit one or two large pieces of furniture or a handful of boxes.

Medium Storage Unit

A medium storage unit is a safe option if you want to give yourself a little more wiggle room. You always want to leave enough space in your storage unit to allow yourself to easily navigate through your boxes and reorganize your items when you need to. Medium storage units can hold 2-3 rooms’ worth of content, including more substantial and intricate furniture pieces.

Large Storage Unit

If you are looking for storage to assist you through a move, our large storage units are big enough to hold everything you need. They can fit furniture sets, king-sized mattresses, and much more—3+ rooms’ worth of items. Storage Depot of Farmville has space available for residential and commercial storage, so you can supplement the storage space you already have for you for home or business with nearby affordable rental space.  

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Storage Depot of Farmville in Farmville and Rice, VA

Figure out what size storage unit you need from Storage Depot of Farmville? If you still have some questions, you can reference our online storage calculator, or call our office on Prince Edward Highway to ask one of our storage experts. They are available to help match you to the right size storage unit and amenities, so you can best protect your belongings though any long-term or short-term situation. We offer an wide selection of storage units to choose from between our main storage facility in Rice and three annexes in Farmville, VA. Browse our drive-up, temperature-controlled, and indoor storage options completely contact-free online. Find your storage with Storage Depot of Farmville today!

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Paige Weary

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